The FITLIGHT Trainer™ is a speed and cognitive training system that’s designed to completely transform the way we exercise, train, and measure performance. Excellent for sports, healthcare, and tactical performance, this innovative speed training system helps users to strengthen the bond between the mind and body, enhance their reaction and response time, and so much more. 


The wireless, RGB LED powered lights that are included in the FITLIGHT™ training system are used as targets for the user to deactivate as per the reaction training routine. Controlled by a tablet, these unique training lights come in 6 different colors and can be mounted to walls, poles, and other training equipment. Or, they can be strategically placed on the ground for specific training routines. Our interactive training lights are the perfect cognitive training system that can be adjusted and modified to meet the needs of each user, type of sport, and training practices. During any type of training, specifically, speed and agility training, the lights can be deactivated by use of the users’ hands, feet, head, or sport/fitness related equipment. The deactivation of the lights can be achieved through full contact or proximity–waving, running past, swiping, etc. 


During these training routines, various measurements of the user’s performance are captured for immediate feedback or can later be downloaded to a central computer for future analysis. The FITLIGHT Trainer™ is designed to provide users and trainers with comprehensive data that will allow them to locate where specific areas of improvement are needed and, therefore, adjusting the cognitive training system accordingly. With the ability to accurately monitor an athlete’s development and performance, trainer’s can apply specific routines that will target the aspects of a training routine that their athlete needs–i.e., speed, agility, stamina, conditioning, coordination, etc. The real-time feedback the FITLIGHT Trainer™ provides users with allows for fast-acting results.